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Climate Futures for Tasmania (CFT) visionary agreement

Here's some good news. The Tasmanian Government, for all its financial woes, has made a long-term investment that the wise money says will pay for..

More rain and warmer days

Tasmanians can expect more intense rainfall episodes and more hot days and warm nights as the climate changes throughout this century, a new repor..

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Weather Water & Climate

Climate is the most important variable affecting agricultural production.  The best way to manage natural weather events is to learn about current technology and information available and take them into consideration to increase the capability for decision making on the farm.  Understanding weather and climate is a key learning activity to enable farmers to manage risk.  (Malcolm Riley, Bureau of Meteorology)

The extract below shows a summary of latest weather changes in the Campania district. You can click the links to the NOW, 3 hourly, Today and Tommorrow links.

Latest Campania Weather

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