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Coal River Products Group welcomes new members. We offer membership to FULL Members and ONLINE members.

Online Membership

Online membership entitles you to be able to upload items for Sale, for Hire, and Wanted. It also gives you access to add Employment Opportunities and view CV's submitted by people looking for employment.

Apply for online access

Full Membership

In addition to online membership, being a full member of CRPA entitles you to:

  • Exclusive invitations to Members Only Field Days
  • Invitation to all events and training organised by the CRPA
  • Opportunity to have trials conducted on your own property
  • Input into research trials conducted by the group
  • Opportunity to access the latest agronomic information
  • Access contacts and information through the CRPA's expanding network

Upon receiving your application, the Secretary will contact you via email regarding the success of your application.

Membership Subscription

The Membership fee for 2011-2012 is $220

To become a CRPA Member:

1. Download the 2011 Membership application Form

2. Contact the Secretary

Dr Neville Mendham